America's Fast Growing, Locally Owned and Independently Licensed Mobile Portrait Studios!  Find us in your neighborhood stores!

Our System

Portraits USA, LLC has a proprietary system that ensures  the smooth process of family portraits for our customers. Our partnership with major retailers allows us to service our customers in these stores on a rotational basis, where we service each store several times per year.

Our customers reserve their portrait appointment with our pre-registration representatives in their local neighborhood grocery or deparment store. Their reservation fee entitles them to a courtesy package of a 10x13 large wall portrait, along with a 5x7 that is perfect for a grandparent or other family member, and 16 mini-wallets for sharing.

On the day of their portrait appointment, the process is simple with the customer signing in and choosing their background from our large selection, and paying a small sitting fee which covers up to 10 people in the portrait.  The photographer then does the primary pose first, which is used for their courtesy initial package, along with several other poses (generally an average of 6 total poses are done).  These additional poses are for optional portraits available for purchase.

The customer returns in approximately two weeks to receive their package, at which time they can purchase the additional portraits in various sizes and packages, at prices more competitive than those at permanent, fixed studios.

Our Difference

What makes us different is our product.  Our portraits are done via a greenscreen process, enabling our customers to choose from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from traditional solids to scenic waterfalls and beach sunsets.

Along with background selection, we further customize our portraits with our own skin enhancing/blemish smoothing retouch, which makes people look their absolute best.  Our customers are constantly telling us they simply can't believe how great they look!

Further, our partner lab, United Color Lab makes the colors brilliant and true, creating an image that is vibrant and draws the eye to it.

We believe we off some of the best portrait work in the industry when compared to any other family portrait studio, and take great pride in our work.